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Thailand Pool Design Construction & Installation

A successfully swimming pool in Thailand starts with the correct design and construction. This is of paramount importance to protect you and to ensure that you enjoy your pool for many years to come. To safe guard against, leaks, improper filtration systems and inadequate construction you need to talk to experienced personnel. Thailand Swimming Pools are here to help and make sure the swimming pool you have is designed and built correctly. We will make sure the equipment installed is right for the size of pool and covers all your requirements; whether a small home swimming pool or a large commercial pool. We carry out all works with a strong desire to take care of the customer and make sure they are happy with what we do.

Constructing a swimming pool properly is the result of careful planning, experienced personnel and careful workmanship.  We are often contacted to come and resolve swimming pool problems that are the result of bad advice, bad design and/or bad construction. Swimming pools are not as easy to build as people may think and it is not like building a house. It is vital you seek good advice and use the services of experienced swimming pool companies.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: The result of using inexperienced people, non swimming pool companies and cheap options nearly always results in problems and extra costs later on. It costs far more to correct and solve bad workmanship and inexperienced build works than it does, to do it correctly the first time. Don’t be a victim….. Contact us now and we will help you avoid all the hassles, extra costs and problems. You are under no obligations and we provide FREE quotes.


Thailand Swimming Pools is able to offer a complete design service including 3D renders. Using our accomplished designers we use the cutting edge of swimming pool design techniques, allowing you to clearly see what the pool will look like before it is built. We can design to suit all budgets and all requirements including all types of pool and all types of systems; so whether it’s a tropical lagoon, a lap pool, a large hotel pool or a public facility Thailand Swimming Pools are able to help.

How Much Does a Pool Cost in Thailand ?

This depends so much on your choices, design, size and so on. Swimming pools vary tremendously in price and as in the construction of a house, it is impossible to quote prices without knowing what it is the client wants. For us to provide an accurate quotation we have to know size, materials chosen for finish, systems required, quantities of materials and all the many pieces of information required to work out the costs. Contact us for a FREE quotation.

Once we know what you wish to do we will provide you with professional construction drawings covering all aspects of the swimming pool. We can work with you to achieve exactly what you are looking for. Also help you choose sensibly and keep within budgets if need be.


A swimming pool that is not built correctly will naturally cost you more money to maintain and extra money to correct. Thailand Swimming Pools is one of the most experienced swimming pool companies in Thailand. We have built many types of pool and done so successfully. We adhere to the highest levels of construction and oversee all works to make sure they are done properly. All materials used are checked and we make sure construction is done right first time round according to a professional set of construction drawings.


We are able to install various different types of swimming pool system and are only too pleased to give advice where necessary. We have a wide variety of specialised and professional equipment to choose from and assist you to have the right equipment for the swimming pool built. Our installation is excellent. We also provide you with a full explanation of how the systems work and what has to be done to keep them operating efficiently. We also offer full service back up and maintenance if requested.

Contact Thailand Swimming Pools

To contact Thailand Swimming Pools and to discuss any swimming pool ideas with us, you simply have to send us an e-mail via our contact form. We analyze each enquiry carefully and are happy to discuss all options. Don’t hesitate to contact us, put our ideas to work and start to enjoy the magic of having a quality swimming pool of your own. Contact us now.


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